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ASA has the following scheduled webinars available to ASA members. If there is a subject matter that is of interest to you but not listed here, please contact us. To register, please click on the blue button that includes the date & time. All webinars are 60 minutes in duration, unless noted in description and in the confirmation. 

Please note, the email receipt will have the webinar date listed as two consecutive dates (ex. 4/9-4/10), this is to allow for same-day registration up until one hour before the webinar starts. 

Webinar links are available to ASA Members, ASA-100 and ASACB clients at no charge. Non-members can purchase webinar links for a nominal fee. Please email ASA for the webinar link you are interested in and a staff member will contact you with additional details. For immediate information, please call 202-347-6899.a

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Peer-2-Peer Executive 
Committee Series

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Peer-2-Peer Committee series is a forum exclusively for business executives from ASA Members to discuss current business challenges brought upon by COVID-19 impact on the aviation community. Discussions will focus on issues impacting businesses with less than 50 employees. The goal of the committee is to allow an open discussion among executives. Meetings are one Wednesday per month and will continue at least through June 2021.

Below is the schedule, registration for the meetings is required. Once you register the confirmation email will have the login information for all meetings in 2021. You do not need to register for each individual meeting. If you have already registered for the 2020 Peer-2-Peer meetings, you do not need to re-register for the 2021 meetings.

  • April 21st 18th at 12 pm eastern
  • May 19th at 12 pm eastern
  • June 24th at 12 pm eastern

Value of Those Teardown Reports

Roy Resto, President, AIM Solutions Consulting, LLC

Roy Resto, President of AIM Solutions Consulting, LLC will provide an overview of tear down reports, their contents, value effects on warranty, how airlines use them and how you can use them.

CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification)
Scott Dawson, Founder, Core Business Solutions

Scott Dawson of The Core Solutions will review the new CMMC requirements for companies that have contracts with the Department of Defense or those that are in the defense Industrial Base/Supply Chain. What is CMMC? What is CUI? Does it apply to me, and if yes, at what level? A discussion will be held about steps you can take to get prepared for certification. This registration link will take you to The Core Business Solutions website.

DoD Assessment and SPRS Submission

Scott Dawson, Founder, Core Business Solutions

This segment is for contractors already required to comply with NIST SP 800-171, per DFARs 252 204-702, DoD is now holding contractors accountable, instituting an assessment and reporting system to verify compliance before new contracts are awarded. While the new requirement is for information to be provided prior to the contract award, DoD encourages affected contractors to begin self-assessments immediately. Scott Dawson from Core Business Solutions covers what is required to calculate the SPRS score for submission, so you don’t miss any DoD contract opportunities. This registration link will take you to The Core Business Solutions website.

Aircraft Parts Records

Roy Resto, President, AIM Solutions Consulting, LLC


Roy Resto will discuss the importance of your aircraft parts records, storage options, the types, and quality requirements.

Tackling CMMC Level 1 Certification

Scott Dawson, Founder, Core Business Solutions

Join Scott Dawson from Core Business Solutions as he dives into the 17 practices and ways you can work toward compliance. A question-and-answer time will be held to assist you in addressing questions you may have to comply with CMMC Level 1. This registration link will take you to The Core Business Solutions website.

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