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ASA has the following scheduled webinars available to ASA members. If there is a subject matter that is of interest to you but not listed here, please contact us. To register, please click on the blue button that includes the date & time. All webinars are 60 minutes in duration, unless noted in description and in the confirmation. 

Please note, the email receipt will have the webinar date listed as two consecutive dates (ex. 4/9-4/10), this is to allow for same-day registration up until one hour before the webinar starts. 

Webinar links are available to ASA Members, ASA-100 and ASACB clients at no charge. Non-members can purchase webinar links for a nominal fee. Please email ASA for the webinar link you are interested in and a staff member will contact you with additional details. For immediate information, please call 202-347-6899.a

Peer-2-Peer Executive 
Committee Series

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Peer-2-Peer Committee series is a forum exclusively for business executives from ASA Members to discuss current business challenges brought upon by COVID-19 impact on the aviation community. Discussions will focus on issues impacting businesses with less than 50 employees. The goal of the committee is to allow an open discussion among executives. Meetings are one Wednesday per month and will continue at least through June 2021.

Below is the schedule, registration for the meetings is required. Once you register the confirmation email will have the login information for all meetings in 2021. You do not need to register for each individual meeting. If you have already registered for the 2020 Peer-2-Peer meetings, you do not need to re-register for the 2021 meetings.

  • To Be Announced

    ASA Statement Form 2020 -
    How to Use It

    Jason Dickstein, President
    Washington Aviation Group

    The ASA Statement Form 2020 was designed to resolve documentation issues that have arisen in the aviation industry. We believe that understanding what the documentation means is an important step to success. We invite you to join us for an in-depth overview. The ASA Statement video training is useful for those who must receive, read, and interpret commercial documentation. This includes:

    • personnel who complete this sort of documentation for the business
    • receiving inspectors who must read and interpret this sort of documentation for the business
    • purchasing personnel who make purchasing decisions based on documentation
    • sales personnel who use documentation to identify whether the part is likely to meet customer expectations

    Fundamentals of Supply Chain Sustainability

    Will Trikha, Vice President &
    Shawn Trikha, Lead Consultant
    Lean Aerospace

    The objective of this webinar is to identify an organizations’ efforts to consider the environmental and human impact of their products' journey through the supply chain, from sourcing to production, storage, delivery and every transportation link in between. The importance of sustainability in a supply chain extends beyond going green. A sustainable supply chain also helps improve productivity while saving money at the same time. By using sustainable techniques and resources, you increase the efficiency of buildings, vehicles, and machinery at a significant cost savings.