ASA has established committees that focus on the goals of the Association; such as advocating on behalf of the membership; promoting and advancing quality and operations issues; supporting the audit services group; supporting the association and industry issues. Committees are established by the ASA Board of Directors.  Subcommittees may be set by the Committee Chair.  As needed ASA may establish working groups to aid Association staff in representing the membership. 

Below are just some of the ASA committees that are currently active:


ASA's certification body "ASACB" has established a Committee to Safeguard Impartiality. It is the responsibility of this committee to review ASACB certification activities relating to impartiality and acceptable risk. ASACB has established key interests that impact its operations. Committee representatives are deemed competent in a particular key interests. ASA President selects the committee member. Inquires about this committee, email ASA president.

Quality Committee

The Quality Committee (QC) is a global forum for (1) sharing information about challenges and solutions through open discussion about quality, operations and business practices, and (2) continuous improvement of the ASA-100 quality standard. For more information about the QC including its mission statement, expectations, discussion topics, and meeting dates, please click here.