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Comments Filed

ASA often comments on rule changes on behalf of our membership.  Please review the list below to view the comments that ASA has provided. 

09/28/2015 - ASA Files Comments on Detecting and Reporting Unapproved Parts

06/17/2013 - ASA Files Comments on NASA Counterfeit Definition


05/31/2013 - ASA Files Comments on EASA Part 145 NPA


02/10/2013 - ASA Files Comments on FAA Draft Order 8900.1 CHG Designee Policy


02/05/2013 - ASA Files Comments on Air Carrier Contract Maintenance Requirements


11/19/2012 - ASA Files Comments on NPRM for Repair Stations


06/01/2012 - ASA Files Comments on Incorporation by Reference

03/05/2012 - ASA Files Comments on FAA 8130-3 Function Code 20 Issue

- ASA files comments on FAA DRAFT 8130.21H

12/05/2011 - ASA files comments on PS-AIR-21.50-01

05/09/2011 - ASA files comments on Drugs & Alcohol Reg-Flex Analysis

04/22/2011 - ASA files comments on Regulatory Changes for Replacement Parts/Components and Incorporated Articles

03/07/2011 -
ASA files comments on Safety Management Systems for Part 121 Certificate Holders NPRM

02/25/2011 -
ASA files comments on Draft AC 21-29C

10/25/2010 -
ASA files comments on Hazmat NPRM

- ASA files comments on the FAA "Commercial Parts" Draft AC

05/17/2010 -
ASA files comments on the FAA "Issues Papers" Draft AC

03/24/2010 -
ASA files comments on the Intellectual Property Infringement Joint Strategic Plan

- ASA files comments on FAA Draft AC 20.42D.

10/21/2009 -
ASA files comments to the Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking – Safety Management System

10/09/2009 - ASA files comments on AC 21.93. Read the draft as modified by ASA.

03/26/2009 - ASA files comments with the FAA regarding their proposed Order 8110.54A, "Instructions for Continued Airworthiness Responsibilities, Requirements, and Contents." 

- ASA files comments on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding the Large Aircraft Security Program.

- ASA files comments with the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding The Effects of Export Controls On Decisions to Use or Not Use U.S.-Origin Parts and Components in Commercial Products and the Effects of Such Decisions, offered to the public for comment at 73 Fed. Reg. 70322.

01/20/2009 -
ASA files De Minimis Rule comments with the U.S. Department of Commerce.