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The ASA 2020 webinar series was implemented to provide ASA members, ASA-100 clients and ASACB clients training that concentrate on specific topics that are useful to employees. Webinar links are available to ASA Members at no charge. Non-members can purchase webinar links for a fee. Please email ASA for the webinar link you are interested in and a staff member will contact you with additional details. For immediate information, please call 202-347-6899.

2020 Member Meeting

Lead by Michele Dickstein, President, ASA

Agenda topics include: State of the Association, Financial Review, Government Affairs Highlights and Initiatives, Update on LLP Guidance, Release of the ASA CoC, QC Update, Information on an upcoming Member Survey, and Discussion on Changes, Challenges and Opportunities.

All About FAA Form 8130-3 and International Equivalents

Roy Resto, President, AIM Solutions Consulting

Mr. Resto discusses the FAA Form 8130-3 current developments, guidance, familiarization, comparisons with global forms, and answer questions.
All About Standard Parts

Roy Resto, President, AIM Solutions Consulting, LLC

Mr. Resto reviews history, definitions, examples, resources, trace, uncommon standard parts, Boeing and Airbus Standard Parts, documentation, and your questions.

ASA-100 Accreditation

Kelly Lyon, ASA Auditor

Looking to get accredited? Kelly Lyon reviews the requirements of ASA-100 Accreditation and focus' on what an Auditor will look for to show evidence of compliance. He  also shares common findings and pitfalls. 

Counterfeit And/Or Unapproved Parts Identification

Jason Dickstein, General Counsel ASA, President MARPA

In this class, Mr. Dickstein defines “unapproved parts" and “counterfeit parts.” Using these definitions, he will, examine real world examples of each; discuss strategies for identifying both categories during receiving inspections; and identify response and reporting mechanisms for addressing such parts when you identify them.

Counterfeit Parts Prevention Program

Sam O'Connor, VP Technical Services, ASA

Sam O'Connor of ASA/ASACB discusses key elements of a Counterfeit Parts Prevention Program. This presentation while beneficial to all companies will also include specific review of requirements and expectations within the ISO Aerospace standards.

Difference between Goals & KPIs (Defining Process Metrics for AS9120 Distributors)

George Ringger Sr. Manager ASACB, President G.Ringger Consulting, Inc.

Mr. Ringger reviews the difference between goals and KPIs and provides examples of process metrics that may be used by distribution organizations to measure the performance of standard industry processes. This discussion will focus on ways to increase value and improve performance of meeting interested party requirements.

Doing Business with the Government & Military - The Basics

Roy Resto, President, AIM Solutions Consulting LLC

Thinking about diversifying into the Government & Military Market? This panel presentation on the basics introduces you to the SAM Registration process, CAGE, DUNs, and NAICS Codes, National Stock Numbers, Marketing, Resources, Solicitations, and your questions. Your host, Roy Resto, is joined by Leandra Cain, President Hurricane Aerospace Solutions and Earl Morgan, Program Director of National Veteran Small Business Coalition (NVSBC)

Export Training 

Jason Dicksten, General Counsel ASA, President, MARPA

Mr. Dickstein will explain how to navigate the complicated U.S. export compliance seas, and how to identify the compliance path for your commercial aircraft exports. Remember, most defense aircraft parts are now also exported under the commercial rules, so they will be covered as well!

FAA Presentation-Bilateral Agreements

Robert Sprayberry, Federal Aviation Administration 

Mr. Sprayberry discusses US International Relationships with Foreign Trading Partners and will review current agreements and future projects.

Hazmat Identification

Jason Dickstein, President, Washington Aviation Group

In this session, Jason Dickstein, reviews the nine classes of hazardous material, explains how to recognize them, and clarifies what sort of aircraft parts are commonly found in each of the nine classes.

How to Prepare for a Remote Audit 

Scott Dawson, President and Co-Founder, Core Solutions

Mr. Dawson reviews the steps you should take to prepare for a remote audit. Note: ASA-100 Audits and some ASACB audits will be conducted using remote auditing

Insight into FAA and DoD Testing

Bill O'Brien, Director of Strategic Development–Commercial Aviation, NTS (National Technical Systems)

Mr. O'Brian (1) provides an introduction to common aerospace testing standards (RTCA DO-160, MIL-STD810/461), (2) provides descriptions of different test types (environmental, mechanical, electrical, etc.), (3) presents how to prepare and work on test projects, and (4) provides scenarios for requalification of aftermarket products for resale. Upon completion of this webinar, you will have a better understanding of required FAA and DoD testing requirements and protocol.

Intro to Federal Aviation Regulations

George Ringger, President, G. Ringger Consulting, Inc.

This session George will provide an introduction to Federal Aviation Adminstration, government, and industry regulations that impact the aviation aftermarket distribution business.

Inventory Management

A.K. Trikha, President & CEO, LeanQA

In this workshop, the participants learn all aspects of the inventory management including but not limited to: Types of Inventory, Inventory Planning Process, Evaluating demand, Ops planning, Creating balanced inventory scorecards, Cycle time measures, Fill rate, Inventory ABC classification, Master scheduling and Inventory Accuracy using cycle counts.

Supervisory Skills

A.K. Trikha, President & CEO, LeanQA

A.K. Trikha leads this workshop on strategies and tools of a supervisor. In this webinar, you'll discuss the following: Supervisory Skills, Leadership Tools & Tactics, Establishing a Productive Work Environment for your Team, Change Management, Conflict Management, Problem Solving, and Effectively Managing Remote Employees.

Visual Inspection of Aircraft Parts

Roy Resto, President, AIM Solutions Consulting, LLC

In this webinar, Mr. Resto, reviews the basics of performing visual inspections of aftermarket parts during the Receiving Inspection Process. This webinar is designed for Distributors, Repair Stations/AMO, and Airlines.